Herbie’s Famous Fireworks, inc.

We are an importer and wholesale distributor that has been owned and operated for over 50 years. Herbie’s Famous Fireworks was founded in the 1950’s by Mr. Herbert Livingston. He got his start by selling fireworks from the trunk of his car in Charleston, South Carolina and later moved the operation to Cherokee Falls, SC in the late 1970’s when fireworks were legalized. He renovated the old Burlington Cotton mill building into a fireworks warehouse and his son Ernie Livingston moved to Blacksburg and began running the company for his father. Upon Herbert’s death in 1995, his son Ernie took over the business and ran it until his death in 2009..

We carry all types of 1.4G (formally D.O.T. Class “C” Consumer Fireworks. We sell everything from the smallest novelty to the newest 500 gram aerials. We don’t manufacture or make fireworks here, but we do assemble our own assortment packages. We assemble small, medium and large bags, boxes and trays. We take pride in packaging our assortments with high quality items at a competitive price.

Herbies fireworks